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Radio Birdman
g_star2.gif .882 K Radio Birdman was certainly one of the most influential bands in Australian rock for a greater part of the 80's and continuing on into the 90's.
g_star2.gif .882 KThe charismatic and dynamic frontman, Rob Younger is a wild and intense singer, a great composer and a notable producer. For the last decade he has been the motivating force behind The New Christs
g_star2.gif .882 KGuitarist Deniz Tek , after an absence of ten years from playing, is still alive and kicking, having re-emerged in 1992 with the formation of The Deniz Tek Group.

g_star2.gif .882 K Rob Younger, Deniz Tek and Radio Birdman all have in common an historical and ongoing relationship with Citadel Records Australia .

Divine Rites Records "Storming the Citadel" is the debut release for our label Divine Rites Records and features a double 10" EP set gathering contemporary Aussie, French and American acts covering some of the songs that made Citadel great.
Those 10" are limited to 700 ex. Only few remains, so .... Order it NOW !!!
Storming the CItadel vol. 1

Friends Of Divine Rites
The most consistent and resilient record label on the planet, bar none: Citadel Records has been going for almost 20 years and has been, or is, home to Radio Birdman, the Screaming Tribesmen, the Hard Ons, Deniz Tek, the New Christs, Died Pretty - do I have to say more? Oh, and the ultra-efficent owner, John Needham operates a fast and diligent mail order service for music and merch from all of the above.
The I-94 Bar is a virtual live music pub that's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for Web surfers who are serious about their rock and roll.
They showcase the best Australian independent rock and roll from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, with more than a passing nod to their precursors. Craig Regan is the ultra-cool bartender.

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