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Divine Rites Sounds ... in Real Audio

Extracts from Storming The Citadel series !

Storming the Citadel vol. 1
Storming the Citadel - Vol 1
Band Song Original artists Real Audio
Jack & the Beanstalk Slave Girl Lime Spiders  
Challenger 7 Move A Little Closer Screaming Tribesmen  
Hunchbacks Virginia Bamboos  
Sheek The Shayk and his Royal Camels Liquor Fit Lipstick Killers  
Mother Jones Sad TV the Visitors  
Indignation Sister's Life Porcelain Bus  
Tension (USA - Steve Gardner's band) A Legacy Of Morons Trilobites  

Storming the CItadel vol. 2
Storming the Citadel - Vol 2
Band Song Original artists Real Audio
Panadolls Voodoo Slaves Minuteman  
Pyramidiacs Don't Talk About Us Someloves  
Backsliders (France) Savage Fun Things  
Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen Headin' South New Christs  
Asteroid B-612 Mirror Blues Died Pretty  

The Divine Rites Gigs ...

All gigs we organize in Strasbourg have live shots, and live performance in real audio. Check it out !

Radio Birdman are discussing and playing some of their favorite records on 3RRR-FM on 1/1/96.

This is the full interview, without the songs they played.

Radio Birdman 'spinning their favorite disks' on 1996 New Years Day on 3RRR
Titles Real Audio
Introduction [28 sec]  
Interview - Part 1 [4 mn 59sec]  
Interview - Part 2 [1 mn 58 sec]  
Interview - Part 3 [6 mn 17 sec]  
Interview - Part 4 [2 mn 29 sec]  
Interview - Part 5 [1 mn 51 sec]  

Great thanks to Eddie Fung who sent me this radio tape.

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