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The thanks page !

Thanks to

John Needham, Deniz Tek , Alex Wheaton , Craig Regan, Steve Gardner, Eddie Fung, Mark Taylor, Peter Tillman, Stu Kahn, Peter Millynn, Ian Amos, Andy Newman, Dan "electraglide" Miggler , Tim Johnson, Ian Underwood, Bruno 'dithyrambique' Le Roux
Bas Kuit, Henry Weld , Jos Starmans, Richard Bennett, Paul van Walree, Tapani Taka, Roberto Calabrò, Federico Guglielmi, Shane Johns
Christophe Bilger for the scanner, Alain Feydri for his always brillants articles, Chris Spencer for "who's who of Australian rock", Closer, Nineteen & Abus Dangereux for a lot.
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