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Divines Rites-L : the Mailing List

DIVINE RITES LIST is an open, unmoderated discussion and information list for some of the finest Australian music area.

This list is intended to serve those interested in discussions of Radio Birdman, New Christs, Deniz Tek Band, etc ... and ALL australian bands in this area of music.

  • Conversation is welcome and encouraged on music, records, reviews, stories, personnal opinions and rumors (only real ones :-).

  • Search for rare 7", lyrics, rare 7", songs cover, and rare 7" all dear to our hearts.

  • Announcements of events and help wanted are fine.

Plus if you just want information regarding major web updates and don't want to regularly have to look at Divines Rites, then this list is for you !

You may remove yourself from the list at any time. All subscriber's e-mail addresses are kept confidential and are not public.

If you want to join DIVINE RITES LIST, just send an e-mail to divinerites-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or use this simple form :

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Thank you for your interest in Divine Rites and we look forward to seeing you join the list.

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