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Storming The Citadel 10" reviews (extracts) :
  • Rolling Stone (Aus) " hard & fast rock plenty of fresh and inventive takes on old favorites. "
  • Rock Sound (Fr) " produit par Rob Younger un grand label est honoré. C'est justice. "
  • Vicious Kitten (Aus) " Storming The Citadel again confirms that great guitar rock'n'roll is alive and well in Australia "
  • Kick Out The Jams (Sp) " mas que brillante. "
  • Daily Telegraph Sydney (Aus) " the result is fantastic. "
  • Station Service (Fr) " On croit rêver Que du très bon enregistré à Sydney et produit par Rob Younger en personne. "
  • Rockerilla (It) " profundamente underground per contenuto sonoro e confezione, assolutamente imperdibili "
  • Real Kool Trash (Fr) " get yourself ready for some ass-kickin' rawk 'n' rawl. Satisfaction guaranteed "
  • Dig It ! (Fr) " Une bonne idée + deux belles pochettes + 3 étoiles pour le travail studio = deux bons 10'' de plus sur votre étagère. "

roling stone
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Bands & Bios
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Storming the Citadel Project

"Storming the Citadel" is the debut release for our (new) label Divine Rites Records and features a double 10" EP set gathering contemporary Aussie, French and American acts covering some of the songs that made Citadel great.

January saw recording sessions for the Sydney acts, under the production guidance of Radio Birdman and New Christs singer Rob Younger at Sydney's Damien Gerard Studios.

Other contributions came from acts as far afield as San Diego and Le Havre.

So withdraw to the battlements, crank your hi-fi up loud and give it a spin. And be happy that the infidels outside won't understand...

Storming the Citadel is on 10" vinyl - and limited to 700 ex - with 90 percent being sold through mail order only via the Internet. Only few remains !!!.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary sums it up thus: "Citadel...fortress, especially one guarding or dominating a city". The Citadel record label was - and is - a fortress against the dross and crap that permeates modern music.

Built by John Needham in the early 1980s in the inner-city heart of Sydney, Australia, its infancy coincided with an era when every corner pub hosted a band and tomorrow didn't figure on the calendar.
Citadel was undeniably the bastard musical child of a union between Sydney and Detroit, and with Needham at the helm, a host of cool bands on the roster and virtual in-house producers Rob Younger and Alan Throne at the controls, it left its competition for dead.
With time, the label broadened its musical view to take in the psychedelic, jangle pop and countrified swamp rock ends of the spectrum, and some of its bands went on to win major label status. Through it all, Citadel never compromised, on sonic quality or cheap packaging.
Citadel's now known worldwide as the standard-bearer for a brash Australian sound, and the place to find that hard rocking stomp sound or the coolest pop disc.

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