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Radio Birdman
radio birdman.jpg 7.925 K

Blue Star.gif 1.208 K Many groups are claimed to be "legendary" usually by their manager or record label. Radio Birdman were legendary even before they split up.
Their sound was rooted in American 60's rock - the Stooges and the MC5 were the obvious influences, along with surf instrumental groups, wild 60's punk and the Stones.

Some ten (almost) years on the spectre of Radio Birdman still haunts many an outfit whose members may otherwise not be exposed (via the Birdman catalyst) to the type of music which so obviously influence much of the contemporary independant music coming out of Australia.

(The Australian Record Collector - vol 1, No 1 Spring 1986.)

Blue Star.gif 1.208 K Radio Birdman did it first, did it harder, and broke up sooner, than any other Australian band.
They were too much too soon, and their legacy has been felt, through a slew of eighties pretenders right down to this day.

(Alex Wheaton - dB Magazine - Adela�de)

Blue Star.gif 1.208 KMembers

Red Star.gif .882 K Rob Younger - vocals
Red Star.gif .882 K Warwick Gilbert - bass guitar 1975-78
Red Star.gif .882 K Deniz Tek - guitar
Red Star.gif .882 K Chris Masuak - guitar 1975-78
Red Star.gif .882 K Carl Rorke - bass - 1974-75
Red Star.gif .882 K Pip Hoyle - keyboards 1974-75, 1976-78
Red Star.gif .882 K Ron Keeley - drums

Vivien Johnson's definitive Birdman biography
Vivien Johnson's
definitive Birdman biography

220 pages of text and photos.
Everything and more !!! A MUST.

Blue Star.gif 1.208 K Discography

Red Star.gif .882 K Burn My Eye (1976)
Red Star.gif .882 K Radios Appear (1977)
Red Star.gif .882 K Living Eyes (1981)
Red Star.gif .882 K Soldiers of Rock n' Roll (1982)
Red Star.gif .882 K More Fun (1988)
Red Star.gif .882 K Under the Ashes (1988)
Red Star.gif .882 K The EP's (1992)
Red Star.gif .882 K Ritualism (1996) Order
Red Star.gif .882 K Singles & Compilations
Red Star.gif .882 K Bootlegs

Henry Weld maintained a Radio Birdman discography (1994 upto date)

Greg Bowen's an Aussie living in France and his love for Radio Birdman knows no bounds. His page is just up but is an excellent guide to track listings for every official - and unofficial release - around for Radio Birdman, New Race, Deniz Tek.

Radio Birdman Reunification

Crying Sun 0,4 K

Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman 'spinning their favorite disks' on New Years Day on 3RRR. The integral interview in Real Audio format !!
Red Star.gif .882 K The new Radio Birdman live album Ritualism.
Red Star.gif .882 K Reviews from the audience - January 1997 tour.


Red Star.gif .882 K Radios Appear
Red Star.gif .882 K Living Eyes

Interviews & Articles

Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman by Roberto Calabrò - Rockerilla n. 202 - June 1997 - Italian
Red Star.gif .882 K The Birdmen fly again - by Simon McKenzie - Time Out, Jan 97 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Birdman cometh - By Barry Divola - The Sydney Morning Herald - January 12, 1996 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Radios (Re)-Appear : a Deniz Tek interview by Alex Wheaton (dB Magazine) - 1996 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman by Steve Gardner - Noise For Heroes #19 - 1990 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Birdmen enter the New Race by Stuart Coupe - Sun Herald, 1982 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman flies again by Nicholas Rothwell - The Australian newspaper, April 21, 1981 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Birdman Group plan long US, Europe tour by Brendan Donnelly - Sun Herald, January 15, 1978 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Balmain Town Hall, Sydney by Anthony O'Grady - RAM 3/12/76
Red Star.gif .882 K Grass Roots - RAM 1975
Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman : Mediators #3 - French
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