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Under The Ashes Box Set (1988)

This box set contain the following Radio Birdman items :

Label references

  • Trafalgar / WEA LOC999

Under The Ashes Double CD (1988)

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Radio Birdman :

Warwick Gilbert
Ron Keeley
Pip Hoyle
Organ & Piano
Chris Masuak
Guitar, Harmony vocals & percussion
Deniz Tek
Guitar & Harmony vocals
Rob Younger
Lead Vocals

Tracks list

Disc One

  1. TV Eye
  2. Monday Morning Gunk
  3. Loves Kill
  4. Snake
  5. I-94
  6. Burn My Eye
  7. What Gives
  8. Non Stop Girls
  9. Do The Pop
  10. Man With Golden Helmet
  11. Descent into The Maelstrom
  12. New Race
  13. Aloha Steve & Danno
  14. Anglo Girl Desire
  15. Murder City Nights
  16. You're Gonna Miss Me

Disc Two

  1. Hand Of Law
  2. Hit Them Again
  3. More Fun
  4. TPBR Combo
  5. 455 SD
  6. Do The Movin' Change
  7. Iskender Time
  8. Time To Fall
  9. Smith and Wesson Blues
  10. Crying Sun
  11. Break My Heart
  12. Alone In The Endzone
  13. Hanging On
  14. Didn't tell The Man
  15. Dark Surprise

Label references

  • WEA 255991-2
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