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The First And The Last (1982)

New Race :

Ron Asheton
Warwick Gilbert
Deniz Tek
Dennis Thompson
Drums, Vocals
Rob Younger
Lead Vocals

Chris masuak
Guitar on "Columbia" & "Looking at You"
Clyde bramley
Backing Vocals on "Crying Sun", "Haunted Road" & "Columbia"

Tracks list

  1. Crying Sun
  2. Haunted Road
  3. Sad T.V.
  4. Breaks My Heart
  5. Looking At You
  6. November 22, 1963
  7. Alone In The Endzone
  8. Love Kills
  9. Gotta Keep Movin'
  10. Columbia
Produced and mixed by Charles Ficher, Rob Younger and Alan Thorne

Recorded Live at Selina's, Sgt Peppers, Manlyvale Hotel, Crystal Ballroom and Trafalgar .

Label references

  • WEA 600120 - LP
  • WEA 229225960-2 - CD

the first and the last Remaster

The First And The Last (1997)

Tracks list

  1. Crying Sun
  2. Haunted Road
  3. Gotta Keep Movin'
  4. Breaks My Heart
  5. Sad T.V.
  6. Loose*
  7. November 22, 1963
  8. Love Kills
  9. Alone In The Endzone
  10. Descent In The Maelstrom*
  11. Looking At You
  12. Columbia
* = Bonus Tracks
Remastered from original master tapes.

Label references : Alive / Total Energy NER3013
They put the studio Birdman Maelstrom on the New Race album by mistake....a monumental error...PoyGram sent the wrong version !!!!!!
This first pressing will remain a collector !

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