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Bands & Bios

Jack & the Beanstalk

ph_j&b.jpg 0,5 K
  • Joe Algeri - vocals
  • Kevin Borruso - guitar, vocals
  • Stuart Loasby - bass, organ
  • Anthony 'Spidge' Spinelli - drums
Jack and The Beanstalk are from Perth, Australia's infamous power-pop capital where Dom Mariani will lend you a guitar, James Baker will walk into your rehearsal room to tell another story and Kim Salmon went to school with your uncle. Great guitar music can't be avoided here and these guys were barely in their teens when they first heard the Lime Spiders. Years later, Jack and the Beanstalk have built an impressive discography and a thriving international profile, especially in Europe.

Joe Algeri: "Hearing Slave Girl for the first time made me jump around my bedroom and want to learn how to play guitar. If the Lime Spiders aren't in your record collection they should be - along with Jack and the Beanstalk".

Band Contact:
Joe Algeri c/o Egomaniac Music
Lot 234 Kargotich Rd
Oldbury 6121 Australia
Ph/Fax: 61 (8) 9525 1236

Label Contact:
David Hughes-Owen c/o Spinning Top Records
PO Box 7716 Cloisters Square
Perth 6850 Australia
Ph/Fax: 61 (8) 9457 6353
e-mail: spinningtop@argo.net.au

Challenger 7

ph_c7.jpg 0,5 K
  • Ian Underwood - vocals, guitar
  • Dan Bell - bass
  • Marty Doo - drums
  • Stewie Cunningham - guitar
Formed in Sydney in late 1994, the Challenger 7 are a rocking four piece who deliver trashy, but meaningful slices of power pop. Fronted by ex-Kryptonics songwriter Ian Underwood, the band has developed into one of the country's most powerful and drunken live acts who are constantly being likened to American punker legends The Replacements and Husker Du - something that pleases these lads immensely. The band has released two EPs, ('Morris'- Glorious Noise Records and The Great Slump Forward EP' - Tomboy Records) and has featured on several compilations world wide.

Ian Underwood: "The Screaming Tribesmen were never the coolest or most fashionable of Citadel bands, but wrote killer songs and delivered a great show. This remains my personal favorite, evoking memories of a simpler world where paisley shirts, stovepipes and winkle pickers ruled and the best music on the planet was being made in our own backyard".

PO BOX 163
NSW 2042
email - tomboy@ar.com.au


ph_hunch.jpg 10.894 K
  • Matt Bannerman - bass
  • John South - guitar
  • Michael Klarenaar - guitar
  • Carl Ekkman - vocals
  • Brad Moore - drums
Sydney's been blessed by the ragged and raw, blues-flavored, pop and rock of The Hunchbacks since the early 1990s. When asked to contribute to this project, they had just released a single, Search for the Sun - but vinyl is rare in Australia these days so Storming the Citadel offered a great chance to appear on a turntable again! The Hunchbacks have appeared on numerous compilations. They have an mini-album, Play to Lose with a full-length CD surfacing soon.

Matt Bannerman: "I picked this from my record collection along with some other possibilities and Virginia grabbed us the most. We play mostly originals but like to dig out the odd cover for fun and tribute".

Sheek the Shayk & his Royal Camels

ph_sheek.jpg 8.253 K
  • Sheek the Shayk - vocals
and his Royal Camels...
  • Mike Macoy- drums
  • Camillo- guitars
  • Stud Cola- guitars
  • Rick Richards- bass
  • Rowdy Yates - Guest handclaps
Sheek The Shayk - currently Australia's number-one solo star: Six be his star sign and controversy be his drug of choice - together with his Royal Camels are presently stunning audiences in Sydney with their unpredictable concert appearances. Nobody really knows too much about the background of this beat combo. Many, many rumors exist, but the facts are a seven-inch EP is set for release, followed by a full-length album on Sydney label Brain Salad Surgery which promises to capture their fuzzo-distorama stomp sound. For this collection, Sheek The Shayk personally chose to record a track by the great Lipstick Killers, a band who, live, were like an electric shock set to a 4-4 beat.

The Sheek: "The Lipstick Killers were too damn good for this stinkin' planet. Where are they now? 1998 needs you!!!!"

Mother Jones

ph_mj.jpg 11.544 K
  • Tony Gibson - guitar
  • Peter Patterson - vocals
  • Andy Newman - bass
  • Murray Shepherd - drums
  • Bruce Tatham - organ
Influenced by the guitar based blues/rock sounds of the 60s' to 70s' and projecting it with 90's energy, Sydney's Mother Jones musical pedigree is vast and progressive and they rock like fuck. With personnel from ME 262, the Screaming Tribesmen, Melting Skyscrapers, Naked Lunch, Decline of the Reptiles and Fun Things, Mother Jones are "the sonic solution". They have a four-track EP and two-track video and an album is due in mid-1998.

Tony Gibson: "We chose this song because we're all TV heads and will take the trivia challenge at any time".


ph_tens.jpg 10.744 K
  • Steve Gardner - everything
Tension is a solo project for Steve Gardner, former drummer from San Diego's Gamma Men, owner of NKVD records and editor of US zine Noise For Heroes. Noise for Heroes gave heavy coverage to the Aussie indie scene in the late '80s and reviewed almost every record Citadel released. Steve Gardner remains a champion for the Citadel label and all musical things similar.

Steve Gardner: "I've been working on a full length Tension album that includes a lot of songs with Cold War themes, so the Trilobites' Legacy Of Morons seemed a logical fit. The Trilobites' approach a little more traditional than many other Citadel bands, but they wrote some very clever lyrics and put on a great show".

Steve Gardner
NKVD Records / Noise For Heroes
PO Box 60369, San Diego, Ca. 92166 USA


ph_ind.jpg 11.447 K
  • Ian James - vocals
  • Rob McKiernan - guitar, backing vocals
  • Iain Jepsen - keyboards
  • James Lacey - bass
  • Brad Doughty - drums
Equally capable of rocking out or setting a mood but always underpinned by the superb, almost Iggy-esque voice of Ian James, Sydney's Porcelain Bus ran off the road in the early 1990s after a string of singles and albums on Citadel. Six years later the band's creative nucleus, Ian James and guitarist Robert McKiernan, began working on a backlog of unrecorded material and new ideas. James Lacey and Iain Jepsen joined them in mid 1997 and the songs began to assume a distinct style. Drummer Brad Doughty's arrival at year's end finalized Indignation - which is what you should express if they don't record more stuff soon!

Rob McKiernan: "Ian and I were disgusted with the final cut of Sister's Life's on the Porcelain Bus album, Fragile, even though we wrote and performed it. When asked to contribute we thought: 'What the hell, we'll do it again. It couldn't be any worse'!"


ph_pan.jpg 10.176 K
  • Al Creed - guitar
  • Ashley Thomspon - drums
  • Kenny Archbold - lead vocals, chain, tambourine
  • Phil Van Rooyan - rythm guitar
  • Matt Bannerman - bass
Sydney's raucous Panadolls formed in 1995 in an atmosphere of mutual suspicion and frustration. A working-class band with little regard for subtlety, when their members are not in jail they play live regularly. They have released an EP, Beyond the Valley of The Panadolls, and have figured on numerous compilations. Their sacrificial first album From the Glitter to the Gutter is due in 1998 - if Al (New Christs) and Matt (Hunchbacks) can take time out from their other projects.

Al Creed: "Voodoo Slaves was the first release on Citadel, so there was a historical to record this. We liked the song because it was swampy and represented that era of music well - and thought it was a song we could beat up well too".


  • Edward Owen - guitar
  • Mick O'Regan - guitar, vocals
  • Mickster Baty - drums
  • Bill Gibson - vocals, bass
The Pyramidiacs have been hanging around Sydney pubs since some time in the late 1980's and recording their catchy power pop for almost as long. Regular European tourists, they're influenced by Australian groups like The Stems and Sunnyboys and Americans like Big Star, The Fleshtones and The Replacements. Their second single, No Soul b/w Forever Gone, had Radio Birdman's Rob Younger at the production controls. An EP - Tag Team - (on France's Hellfire Records) will be followed in 1998 by an album and tours of Spain and the USA. Bill (Hey Charger) Gibson moonlighted on bass for the Citadel session.

Eddie Owen: "Don't Talk About Us is perfect power pop - short, jumpy, and catchy as hell with an infectious hook melody, great harmonies and rocking guitars. One of the best things Citadel has ever released and Dom Mariani is a great pop song writer".

Web site : http://www.hinet.net.au/~markg/pyramid


ph_back.jpg 8.822 K
  • Francois Lebas - guitar, vocals
  • Eric Goument - drums
  • Glitter Paillette - bass
Inspired lyrics, a rocking sensibility and songs sung without concession - that's France's Backsliders who understand rock and roll is played like life's soundtrack: Against the clock and without regard for fashion or critics. They have more than a passing connection to Citadel as Francois' old band, Fixed Up, was on that label in the '80s and also toured Australia. The Backsliders' even more raw output of three red hot albums and 400 gigs make Le Havre the only stop between Sydney and Detroit.

Fran├žois: "When I first listened to Savage I knew it was the sound I loved - hot sensual, dirty and loud. All those adjectives describe real rock bands like which have become pretty rare in those techno times, so fuck'em all. YEAHHH!"

Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen

ph_ltco.jpg 9.721 K
  • Louis Tillet - Vocals and piano
  • Charlie Owen - Guitars
With a voice that sends a chill down the spine, Louis Tillett emerged as a solo performer in Sydney in 1987 with a the album, Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, following the demise of his first band, 60s acid punkers The Wet Taxis. Melbourne-based guitar virtuoso Charlie Owen is a former New Christ who has played with everyone from Tex, Don and Charlie to The Cruel Sea, and regularly puts his electric palette behind the piano musings of Mr Tillet. Enigmatic, evocativeand always engaging, the pair tour Europe annually where they headline rooms of up to 6000 people with their spellbinding accoustic shows.

Louis: "I've always loved this song from the first minute I heard it. Charlie and I have recorded mostly moody songs and I wanted to do a great rock song. Charlie: "When I recorded this song with Rob Younger in the New Christs it was a session fraut with disasters - the single carried the credit line 'produced under duress' - so it was good to give it another shot".

Asteroid B-612

ph_ab612.jpg 8.759 K
  • Ben Fox - drums
  • Graham Spittles - vocals
  • John Spittles - guitar
  • Scott Nash - bass
  • Bruce Tatham - guest organ
No mere Detroit copyists but drawing from that source and others firmly anchored back in the 60s, Asteroid B-612 burst out of the skies over the same northern Sydney beaches that spawned the Celibate Rifles, and have been standard bearers for high-octane, no-nonsense, kick-arse rock and roll ever since. Despite numerous line-up changes, the new-look four-piece 'Roids are firing better than ever. A US tour and a string of albums, culminating in 1996's awesome Not Meant For This World, have marked their cards as something special. Their last EP, Teen Sublimation Riff, and latest single, September Crush (on Au Go Go), are essential ear-bleed material.

John Spittles: "Mirror Blues wasn't an obvious choice for us. I think that everyone would have thought we would have chosen a New Christs song, but I wanted to do something that I could fuck with. All those Citadel singles were great anyway and can;t be improved on, but if we chose Mirror Blues it was something we could fuck around with without fucking it up".

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