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Leif Alan Creed

Leif Alan Creed, also known as "Big Al", now plays guitar in the New Christs. This guy has a pretty fine background in Australian rock.

Government Downfall was a hardcore punk outfit from around 1982, which he played guitar for. They left no releases.

Execution Mask used to get some airplay on 2JJJ in Sydney and played around a lot in 1983-1984. Punk stuff again & Al playing guitar.

Abberation were around from 1984 to 1986 and Al was vocalist in this group, playing punk/metal crossover. This band was very popular but only had releases on compilations. Bands such as Mass Appeal & the Hard Ons did their first shows with this band and credit a lot of influence from them. Drazan, the guitarist went on to metal group, Lazarus who released an EP and an album on Shagpile/Shock.

Heresy were only around a short time (Russell Hopkinson currently in You Am I played drums). Again they left no releases.

After Abberation, Al started a band called the Inchmen playing guitar and vocals (1986-1988). They played a lot with the likes of Asylum, Eastern Dark, Hard Ons etc... Unfortunately only compilation releases as well from this band.

Next was Black and Blue. Al played guitar and Ken from Itchy Rat was on bass & Bird from punk band WWXXIV on vocals. They had a video & single "On My Own" & live release entitled "Filthy Shocker". They disbanded in 1989.

Al had a break for 12 months before starting Dr. Fruitworld in 1990 with Ken (Black&Blue, Itchy Rat) on bass, Andrew on drums (Black&Blue, Progression Cult), Phil Van Rooyen on guitar and himself on guitar & vocals. Ken left to join the Hellmenn before their first CD. The first release was "Noise Fix" on Tunnel Records/Shock and sold quite well in Australia and Charlie O'neill (DT'S) came in on bass. Andrew left shortly after and was replaced by Simon Lazareff(ex Lazarus) on drums to do their next CD "Pain" on Tunnel Records/Shock.
They played a lot with bands such as Front End Loader, Tumbleweed, Redd Kross, Hoodoo Gurus, New Christs, Celibate Rifles, Screaming Tribesmen, You Am I, Frenzal Rhomb, Nitocris, etc...
Fruitworld disbanded in 1994 but returned to add 2 live tracks to the "out of the Basement" live comp. on Pink Tone-Ale Records/Oracle.

The last drummer, OXX (ex KingsX, Massive Appendage, Fester Fanatics, Lazarus) died recently, which was very sad as he was a brilliant musician and artist as well. Other releases on "the Gospel according to St.Peters" compilation on Zen/Shock.

Next came the Panadolls,which is Ken (ex Hellmenn, Fruitworld, Black&blue, Itchy Rat) on vocals, Matt (the Hunchbacks) on bass, Ashley (ex Kelpies, Soggy Porridge, Wigworld) on drums and Phil Van Rooyen (ex Fruitworld on guitar) and Al on lead guitar.

Beyond the Valley of the Panadolls.jpg 5.549 K They Released a 4 song E.P. on Linctus/Mds entitled "Beyond the Valley of the Panadolls" and are currently recording and album for Pink Tone-Ale Records. The Panadolls are very detroit/aus. rock inspired and play a lot with bands such as Asteroid B612, Powdermonkeys, Magic Dirt etc... and have played with the Archers of Loaf and Dead Moon from the US.

Another project Al have going at the moment is called HEY! CHARGER and Is Al on Guitar & Vocals, Peter Kelly on drums/vocals & Bill Gibson on bass/vocals.
They recorded a CD with this line-up and it will be out in March 97 on Pink Tone-Ale Records. The material is really rockin' power pop in the vein of the Eastern Dark, Asylum. Ben Brown from the Hellmenn did the cover art for the CD.

Pink Tone-ale Records

Al Creed also runs a label in Sydney with lots of cool bands ranging from quite heavy to rock and power-pop. As you may have guessed it's Pink Tone-Ale Records. First they have a live compilation featuring The Panadolls, Headlifter, the Hunchbacks, Fruitworld, JSA, WWXXIV, the Placebo Junkies called "OUT OF THE BASEMENT". This is a really rocking live album.

Next is from HEADLIFTER, "Hollows" EP, a 6 track CD and the music is very heavy, riffing style.

Then the PANADOLLS 4 song EP "Beyond the Valley of the Panadolls". This is very rock'n'roll and surelly will remain as a classic. Listen to Downstream and you'll get it !

Then DR. FRUITWORLD 6 song CD entitled "NOISE FIX" which is grungey rock.

FLOOR THIRTEEN are a band from Melbourne featuring Marc Welsh from Have a Nice Day and Asylum and they have a 5 song CD entitled "THE WORLD" and are a good rock/pop hybrid.

Lastly HEY! CHARGER 6 song CD entitled "KLODS HALF-TIME RENTALS" which features Alan Creed, Peter Kelly and Bill Gibson and is very power-pop in the vein of Eastern Dark, Asylum, Red Kross and the like.

Pink Tone-Ale have only been operating for 9 months, but they have more releases coming in 1997 including a PANADOLLS album, HARPOON (a very interesting Sydney band whose members include Murray Shepherd on drums(ex Screaming Tribesmen) and Sabina Collins on Bass (ex Vanilla Chainsaws among others) and Dave Bullock (ex Kiss My Poodles Donkey among others). Also a JSA E.P. is in the works (they are Al's partner in the record label, Tobias's, band).

Pink Tone-ale Records
PO Box 13
NSW 2096
Ph/Fax: 61+2 9938 4616
e-mail: toneale@msn.com

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