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The Passengers
Passengers.jpg 8.406 K


  • Angie Pepper : Vocals
  • Jeff Sullivan : Guitar
  • Jim Dickson : Bass
  • Alan Brown : Drums (a)
  • Steve Harris : Keyboards
  • Gerry Jones :Drums (b)


Face With No Name / Girlfriend's Boyfriend - 7" (1980)

face With No Name.jpg 8.68 K


  • Angie Pepper : Vocals
  • Jeff Sullivan : Guitar
  • Steve Harris : Keyboards
  • Jim Dickson : Bass
  • Jerry Jones : Drums
Produced by Allasdair Macfarlane
Reference : Phantom - PH1

Angie Pepper
Frozen World / Why Tell Me ? - 7" (1983)

Frozen World.jpg 4.985 K


  • Angie Pepper : Vocals
  • Deniz Tek : Guitar
  • Steve Harris : Keyboards
  • Clyde Bramley : Bass
  • Michael Charles : Drums
  • Jason Morphett : Saxophone
Produced by Deniz Tek and Rob Younger
Reference : Citadel - CIT005

The Passengers With Angie Pepper (1990)

Angie Pepper and The Passengers.jpg 7.617 K The Passengers appeared in Sydney following the demise of Radio Birdman. Among the many bands who blazed bright in the post apocalyptic era at the turn of the decade, The Passengers stood alone.
Their music was compelling and different, and their following was fanatically dedicated.

This recording, mastered from a cassette dub of a demo, contains their only surviving work, the master tapes having been lost or stolen. It stands as a monument to a wonderful time and place which no longer exists.

The band members met during 1976-78 as friends and fans of Radio Birdman in Sydney.
The band was formed in late 1978 and performed together for one year. In October, 1979, an eight track demo was recorded at Palms Studio in Sydney.

These eight songs, which appear on this record, were engineered by Alasdair MAC FARLANE and produced by Steve HARRIS and Jeff SULLIVAN.

Compiled by Angie PEPPER ard Deniz TEK Engineered by Bernard MASANES
Thanks to Ron ASHETON. Ange MEUDEC, Nick BASTIEN.
Special thanks to Angie and Deniz for faith and encouragement.


  1. One Way out
  2. Back To The Dance
  3. Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  4. Face With No Name
  5. Blind Night Out
  6. Sad Day
  7. Love Execution
  8. It's Just that I Miss You
Reference :
  • CD : Revenge Records - MIG27 / WM330
  • LP : Revenge Records - MIG27 / WM118

Interview (From the CD liner notes)

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