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Citadel - 7" Singles

Year Reference Artist Titles
1982CIT001 MinutemanVoodoo Slaves / I Wanna Be Your MinutemanSleeve
1983CIT002New RaceCrying Sun / Gotta Keep On Movin'Sleeve
1983CIT003Deniz Tek / Radio Birdman100 Fools / Alien SkiesSleeve
1983CIT004Screaming TribesmenIgloo / My True Love's BloodSleeve
1983CIT005Angie PepperFrozen World / Why Tell Me ?Sleeve
1984BTS1218New ChristsLike A Curse / Sun GodSleeve
1984CIT007Died PrettyOut Of The Unknown / World WithoutSleeve
1984CIT008Lime SpidersSlave Girl / Beyond The FringeSleeve
1984CIT009Screaming TribesmenA Stand Alone / Move A Little CloserSleeve
1984CIT010Died PrettyMirror Blues I / Mirror Blues IISleeve
1985CIT011StemsMake You Mine / She's A MonsterSleeve
1985CIT012MoffsAnother Day In The Sun / ClarodomineauxSleeve
1985CIT013StemsTears Me In Two / Can't ResistSleeve
1985CIT014TrilobitesVenus In Leather / Amphetamine DreamSleeve
1985CIT015Lime SpidersOut Of Control / Save My SoulSleeve
1985CIT016Super KRecurring Nightmare / Go-GoSleeve
1985CIT017New ChristsBorn Out Of Time / No Next TimeSleeve
1986CIT018SomelovesIt's My Time / Don't Talk About UsSleeve
1986CIT019Bam BalamsDeliver My Love / Mean ThangSleeve
1986CIT020Died PrettyStoneage Cinderella / Yesterday's LetterSleeve
1986CIT021Porcelain BusIndignation / My FamilySleeve
1986CIT022Inner SleevesEnd It All / HeartacheSleeve
1986CIT023TrilobitesAmerican TV / Legacy Of MoronsSleeve
1986CIT024BamboosSnuff / VirginiaSleeve
1986CIT025Bam BalamsNo-One Else / Gettin' Over YouSleeve
1986CIT026MoffsFlowers / By The BreezeSleeve
1986CIT027VindalooniesShine On / Red Light Go GreenSleeve
1987CIT028Wet TaxisSailor's Dream / Ambulance RideSleeve
1987CIT029Fixed UpOne Night Stand / Purple FlashesSleeve
1987CIT030Porcelain BusThe Hands Have Control / The Well Is DrySleeve
1987CIT031New ChristsBlack Hole / AddictionSleeve
1987CIT032VindalooniesLive Another Day / Like A ChildSleeve
1987CIT033MoffsThe Traveller / Quaker's Dream.
1987CIT034BamboosWith Which To Love / WindedSleeve
1987CIT035Died PrettyWinterland / Wig-Out (Acoustic)Sleeve
1988CIT036DubrovniksFireball Of Love / If I Had A GunSleeve
1988CIT037Sacred CowboysTrouble From Providence / Canned GoodsSleeve
1988CIT038Fixed UpWho's Innocent ? / What You Mean To MeSleeve
1988CIT039New ChristsHeadin' South / I Saw GodSleeve
1988CIT040WreckeryLaying Down Law / Good To Be GoneSleeve
1988CIT041Porcelain BusOwn Little World / ClockworkSleeve
1988CIT042Harem ScaremLong Time Between Drinks / HoneymanSleeve
1988CIT043DubrovniksMy Coo Ca Choo / Girls Go ManicSleeve
1989CIT044Sacred CowboysHell Sucks / Trouble From Providence (Acoustic)Sleeve
1989CIT045Harem ScaremRub Me The Wrong Way / Peace Of Mind.
1989CIT046New ChristsAnother Sin / The Burning Of RomeSleeve
1989CIT047PlunderersI Didn't See Them At All / Trouble Struck / Clean Hands.
1989CIT048Porcelain BusRats / Old Soldiers / Hanging's BackSleeve
1990CIT049PlunderersChristo / Peggy.
1990CIT050BarbarellasDying Inside / Forget About YouSleeve
1991CIT051TrilobitesDon't Hide/Tear You ApartSleeve
1993CITCD052DM3Foolish/Oriana/High RotationsSleeve
1993CITCD053DM3Far From Here/Take It All/1x2x DevastatedSleeve
1994CITCD054DM3Soul Top/TV Sound/Making TimeSleeve
1997CIT055Died PrettyRadio / Sinking Low / Paint It Black You Devils (Alt Mix)Sleeve
1997CIT056Died PrettySlide Song/Empty (limited edition of 1250Sleeve
1998CIT057KnievelSteep hill climb/Pressure tested to 1000ft part 1 & part 2Sleeve
1998CIT058DM3Lure/Rome/Jumping To Conclusions (live acoustic)Sleeve

Citadel - 12" EP

1985CITEP901Died PrettyNext To NothingSleeve.
1985CITEP902Screaming TribesmenDate With A VampireSleeve.
1986CITEP903StemsLove Will GrowSleeve.
1986CITEP904Stonefish From 20.000 Fathoms..
1987CITEP905 (double 7")New ChristsDropping Like Flies Sleeve.
1990CITEP201 (10")PlunderersSarah's Not Falling In Love..
1990CITEP202 (10")PlunderersHome Movie..
1992CITEP906The BarbarellasFringeSleeve.
1993CITEP907The BarbarellasQuit Skylarking..
1994CITCD909Rosemary BeadsBreathSleeveOrder
1995CITCD910New ChristsPedestalSleeveOrder
1995CITCD912Rosemary BeadsI'll Come When I'm Good And ReadySleeveOrder
1995CITCD913FlickerOut Where The Wild Things GrowSleeveOrder
1995CITCD915DM3Something HeavySleeveOrder
1995CITCD601FlickerEverything's RosesSleeveOrder
1995CITCD602SuperscopeGenerally ElectricSleeveOrder
1995CITCD603New ChristsWoe BetideSleeveOrder
1996CITCD916Died PrettyDeeperSleeveOrder
1997CITEP917Deniz Tek GroupBad RoadSleeveOrder

Citadel - Albums

YearReferenceReference EuropeArtistTitle
1984CITLP501-Lipstick KillersMesmerizerSleeve.
1985CITLP502-VisitorsThe VisitorsSleeve.
1986CITLP503-MoffsThe MoffsSleeve.
1986CITLP504-Died PrettyFree DirtSleeveOrder
1987CITLP505-Meera AtkinsonThis Is The PlanetSleeve.
1987CITLP506-BamboosBorn KillerSleeve.
1987CITLP507-Fixed UpVital HoursSleeve.
1987CITLP508-Porcelain BusSteel BrosSleeve.
1987CITLP509CGAS802Louis TillettEgo Tripping At The Gates Of HellSleeve.
1987CITLP510-Died PrettyPre DeitySleeveOrder
1987CITLP511-Various ArtistsTake Everything Leave NothingSleeve.
1987CITLP512-StemsThe Great Rosebud HoaxSleeve.
1988CITLP514CGAS813New ChristsDivine RitesSleeve.
1988CITLP515CGAS808Sacred CowboysTrouble From ProvidenceSleeve.
1988CITLP516CGAS806WreckeryLaying Down LawSleeve.
1988CITLP517-Tav Falco & Panther burnsRed Devil..
1988CITLP518-Johnny Thunders & Patti PalladinCopy Cats..
1988CITLP519CGAS804Porcelain BusTalking To GodSleeve.
1989CITLP522CGAS805Harem ScaremLo And BeholdSleeve.
1989CITLP523CGAS803Various ArtistsPositively Elizabeth StreetSleeve.
1990-CGAS810TrilobitesAmerican TVSleeve.
1990-CGAS811Porcelain BusSacred RelicsSleeve.
1992CITCD525-TrilobitesThe Lost GenerationSleeveOrder
1992CITCD527-PlunderersBanana Smoothie, HoneySleeve.
1993CITCD528-Jackson CodeStrange CargoSleeveOrder
1993CITCD529-Jackson CodeDel Musical ...SleeveOrder
1994CITCD530-DM3One Time, Two Times, Three Red LightSleeveOrder
1996CITCD532-DM3Road To RomeSleeveOrder
April 1997CITCD533-DM3Garage SaleSleeveOrder
1996CITCD534-Deniz Tek GroupLe Bonne RouteSleeveOrder
1997CITCD535-New ChristsLower YourselfSleeveOrder
1998CITCD536-Died PrettyUsing My Gills As A Road MapSleeveOrder
1998CITCD537-Deniz TekEquinoxSleeveOrder
1998CITCD540-KnievelSteep Hill ClimbSleeveOrder
1998CITCD541-Kim Salmon & the SurrealistsYa gotta let me do my thingSleeveOrder
1998CITCD542-DM3Rippled SoulSleeveOrder

Green Fez - 7" Singles

1987FEZ001Bam BalamsSurfin' In The Swamp / Fire In My SoulSleeve
1988FEZ002Johnny Teen & The Broken HeartsShe Stinks Of Sex / I Like It Both WaysSleeve
1988FEZ003Steven SmithDon(t You Wish / TearsSleeve
1988FEZ004WhipersnappersYou Never Look / Love ElixirSleeve
1988FEZ005Bam BalamsWheel Of Fortune / Rock It To The MoonSleeve
1988FEZ006PlunderersI Don't Mind / DyingSleeve
1989FEZ007HexbreakersFaraway Years / LonelySleeve
1989FEZ008Bam BalamsHellfire / Hold On MeSleeve

Green Fez - 12" EP

1988FEZ801PlunderersTrust UsSleeve
1988FEZ802Naked LunchThings GrowSleeve
1988FEZ803Love Minus ZeroLove Minus ZeroSleeve
1989FEZ804Horny ToadsCon Anima Con ForzaSleeve

Green Fez - Albums

1989FEZLP401Bam BalamsGenuine Rock'N'Roll Medecine ShowSleeve
1989FEZLP402Some Kind Of JusticeShake The American DreamSleeve

Blue Mosque

YearReferenceReference EuropeArtistTitle
1988L38924-Died PrettyLost (LP)Sleeve
1988K563-Died PrettyTower Of Strenght / From A Buick 6Sleeve
1988K617-Died PrettyOut Of My Hands / When You DanceSleeve
1989K780-Died PrettyEverybody Moves / In Love PrisonSleeve
1989L30141CGAS807New ChristsDistemper (LP)Sleeve
1990K1097-Died PrettyWhitlam Square / Sink Or SwimSleeve
1990L30270-Died PrettyEvery Brilliant Eye (LP)Sleeve
1990K10001-Died PrettyTrue Fools Falls / A BalladSleeve
1990K10087-Porcelain BusBlue On Blue / Vertigo ManSleeve
1990L30368CGAS814Porcelain BusFragile (LP)Sleeve
1991D10407-Died PrettyStop MyselfSleeve
1991L30578-Died PrettyDoughboy HollowSleeve
1991D11043-Died PrettyDC / WonderSleeve
1991D11101-Died PrettySweetheart / Time / DisappointedSleeve
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