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Citadel News

New Christs - Lower Yourself

The prospect of the New Christs gets people excited. They don't record that often and their live appearances are rare. Where this philosophy would kill most bands, the New Christs appears immune. Focused on their take on rock and roll, they maintain themselves above trends and established music industry dictum.

Lower Yourself is a twelve track rocker of original songs that stretches out beyond the boundaries of what many will perhaps be expecting. Recorded in Sydney at Electric Avenue and mixed at Paradise studios with the assistance of Wayne Connolly, this record will not let down dedicated fans and is sure to win new converts.

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Deniz Tek Group - Bad Road

The Deniz Tek Group have a new ep. Bad Road (citcd917) contains the following six tracks, all of which are Tek compositions:

  1. Bad Road
  2. Heavy Air
  3. Workingman's Shoes
  4. Steel Beach
  5. 1968 (live desk recording)
  6. Bad Road (acoustic)
The title track, a ballad, was recorded at Dave Weyer Systems in Montana during last year's Le Bonne Route sessions. It was produced by Dave Weyer and Deniz Tek and features local drummer Clay Green. An acoustic version was done at the same time.

The other tracks showcase the established line-up of: Kent Steedman - Guitar, Jim Dickson - Bass and Nik Rieth - Drums/Percussion. These tracks are a mixture of demos done in 1995 and one live desk recording although no-one can remember where it was done!

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The Deniz Tek Group has now been signed to a three album deal for America with Minneapolis based Twin Tone Records subsidiary Prospective.

DM3 - Garage Sale

Perth's number one power pop unit DM3, has recorded the two albums "1 x 2 x 3 Red Light" and "Road To Rome" for Citadel. Both continue to do well but the early singles and eps are at the point where they are now all but deleted. So the band has decided to compile a collection of b-sides and alternative mixes onto Garage Sale so that fans, particularly those outside Australia, will have a better opportunity to get hold of them.
  1. Hold On: Originally on a bonus flexi for US alternative magazine The BOB.
  2. Sweet Hitch-Hiker: Off the John Fogerty tribute album Wrote A Song For Everyone
  3. Making Time: B-side on the Soultop single
  4. Zero Hour: B-side on the Something Heavy ep.
  5. Little Town Crier: B-side on the Something Heavy ep.
  6. High Rotations: B-side on the Foolish single
  7. Far From Here: Alternative Mitch Easter mix and previously unreleased.
  8. Fall To Bits: As above
  9. Up in The Air: Coffee house mix off the Glovebox ep.
  10. 1 x 2 x Devastated: A Mitch Easter mix from the Pop On Top compilation
  11. Beechline: Previously unreleased
  12. The Creeper: B-side off the French 7" release of Foolish.
  13. Oriana: B-side on the Foolish single
  • Dom Mariani: Guitar and Vocals
  • Tony Italiano: Bass and b/vocals
  • Pascal Bartolone: Drums


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