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Woe Betide (1996)
Woe betide.jpg - 0,2 K

The New Christs :

Tony Harper
Guitar / Harmony
Christian Houllemare
Bass / Harmony
Peter Kelly
Rob Younger
Vocals / Guitar on Corporate Son

Stan Holroyd
Victor levi

Tracks list

  1. In state (Kelly/Younger)
  2. No love again today (Houllemare/Younger)
  3. These rags (Harper/Houllemare/Younger)
  4. Only a hole (Harper/Younger)
  5. The half that's left (Younger)
  6. Corporate son (Younger)
  7. Woe betide (Harper/Kelly/Younger)
Produced by Ayatollah Smith (Rob himself)

Label references

  • Citadel CITCD603 [ref 398603 151122 comes with free Pedestal CD (CITCD910)]

Rob's bio for the Woe Betide release

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