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Deniz Tek
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OK, here's a great idea for a film script. A young American guy comes to Australia in the early seventies to study medicine.
Once here he decides to form arock'n'roll band. He somehow manages to complete his medical degree and play in the band at the same time.
The group has a short but intense lifespan, like the Sex Pistols and the Velvet Underground. In years to come this band go on to become one of the most influential rock acts in Australia's musical history.

After the band's demise he goes back home to the states, joins the military and becomes a fighter pilot for nine years.
Coincidentally his band wore uniforms on stage and often features military aircraft in their posters and promotional material.
At the end of the eighties this guy quits flying jets and decides to play rock again.

Let me get this straight, I hear you say A rock'n' roll doctor who flies jet aircraft ? What's that ? Too unbelievable you say.
Ever heard of Radio Birdman ? Ever heard of Deniz Tek ? Well forget the movie and just read on.

(from Form Guide - Nov 1996)

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