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Some Kind Of Justice
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Some Kind of Justice's bio by Peter Millynn

To give you some background on my band Some Kind of Justice we began in 1988 as a recording project between myself and Ian Amos (former frontman for 'The New Avengers'). The sessions were produced by Geoff Stapelton (The Alians/Rat-Tat-Tat/Ganggajang/Iron Dukes) who also owned Kings Lane Studios in Darlinghurst. Mal Green the drummer from Split Enz played on seven of the eight tracks.

I knew Needham through my friend John Hoey (Keyboards-Died Pretty) and approached him with the tape in late '88. John Needham then made what I fell was a very generous offer under the circumstances. We could self fund the albums release under the Green Fez label and use Citadel distribution.

We put the rest of the band together and rehearsed with the view to playing around town to coincide with the release in mid '89. We played our first gig supporting Roddy Raydda and never looked back. We played supports for numerous bands including X,Died Pretty and The Beasts of Bourbon. In '90 Graham Hood from the Johnnys (my all time fave live act) joind us on Bass.

The album recieved good reviews in Rolling Stone / On The Street but for some reason this did not translate into any sort of sales interest... maybe because the record was highly produced and did not accurately reflect our live sound...I guess that if I knew the answer to this I would be Phil Collins and would be churning out the "Hits".

In '91 we decided to release a single. Although we could have done this through Green Fez we elected to use our own lable S.A.M. Records. In an attempt to capture our live sound we changed producers. Initially Brad Shepard from the Gurus was slotted in but his touring schedule got in the way. We then approached the ledgendary Chris 'Klondike' Masuak from Radio Birdman who took up the challenge. The result was Permafrost / Muscle Car a 7" released in late '91. A much more truthful record from almost every angle. Again without the push of any major it was only sold in small numbers locally...a shame really as I was really pleased with the A side at least.

Anyway we continued to play live and regularly headlined at the Hopetoun and Annandale Hotels and around the Inner City Circut. We had several lineup changes (what a surprise!) and took a break when Hoody and the Johnnys reformed to tour Europe in '91.

On Hoodys return he decided to return to New Zealand and left the band. He was replaced by Steve Cole (Bam Balams/later Gigantic)

The band folded in 92 after recording a never to be released EP.

Some Kind of Justice by Ian Amos

Peter has given you a fairly good assessment of Some Kind Of Justice and its short history. Initially conceived as a one off recording vehicle, we liked the songs so much that we felt it would be worthwhile to gig, and gig we did (when we could). We played all sorts of venues ranging from huge suburban beer barns full of bikies to small inner-city pubs (often also filled with bikies!). Our records were played by Triple J and 2SER-FM.

I came to Some Kind Of Justice from The New Avengers, a surf-punk type of thing, sadly unrecorded, whose members included Jeff Milne who went on to drum for the Eastern Dark, and Andrew Radford, who played with the Mushroom Planet, a spinoff from the Celibate Rifles, and James Baker's Eternal Teenagers.

My favourite line up consisted of me, Peter, Hoody [from the Johnnys and Beasts of Bourbon] , Sean Kelly on lead guitar and Darren Lalich on drums. That particular combo really pumped! But Hoody decided to leave town (possibly to escape all the girls that wanted a piece of him!). We must have had 10 or 12 people through the band at one stage or another, along with our "celebrity nights" when we would grab any "famous" musician and press them into service for the evening.

Perhaps you may be interested in the gear we used. Almost invariably, I played either a '64 Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe, which I bought from Dean Coulter (of Decline Of the Reptiles fame) back in 1984 when I was in the New Avengers or an '83 Rickenbacker 620, all through a 135W blackface Twin Reverb, turned up very loud. Hoody played a Fender Precision Bass (complete with Johnnies-vintage Victoria Bitter beer stickers) through a Peavey and Sean never owned an amp (and rarely owned a guitar), choosing his rig from what he could beg, borrow, or steal on the day.

After 3 years we gave it away. I started Naive, which was a four piece power combo that survived until '93. Peter got a day job and I've been in "retirement" for 3 years.

But life moves in cycles, and the Sydney scene is starting to come alive again with regular gigs by Radio Birdman, the Saints, Beasts of Bourbon and of course the Celibate Rifles, who never seem to let up. Who knows, it might be a good time to get started again!

These records are available from Peter Millynn by e-mail order !!


Permafrost / Muscle Car 7"(1990)

Permafrost .jpg 4.233 K


  • Peter Myllynn : Vocals
  • Ian Amos : Guitar, Vocals
  • Sean Kelly: Guitar, Vocals
  • Matt Reddall: Bass, Vocals
  • David Lornie: Drums
Produced by Chris 'Klondike' Masuak, Engineered by Phil Punch
Recorded at Electric Avenue
Reference : Sam Music - SAM00001

Blue vinyl

Shake The American Dream(1989)

Shake The American Dream.gif 15.472 K


  • Peter Millynn : Guitar, Vocal
  • Ian Amos : Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals on 2,4 & 7
  • Eric Vermin (Tim Harris): Bass
  • Geoff Stapleton : Bass, Keyboards, Drumtracks
  • Mal Green: Drums


  • Shake The American Dream
  • Don't Get Mad
  • Hayfever
  • Alone
  • Harvey Heaven
  • Rednecks
  • Wishing Well
  • Colt '45
Produced by Goeff Stapleton
Recorded at Kings Lane Studios, Sydney.
Reference : GReen Fez - FEZLP402/SAM001
Green vinyl
Giant thanks to Ian & Peter for the bio and the records.
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