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Radio Birdman was certainly one of the most influential bands in Australian rock for a greater part of the 80's and continuing on into the 90's.
The charismatic and dynamic frontman, Rob Younger is a wild and intense singer, a great composer and a notable producer. For the last decade he has been the motivating force behind the New Christs

His music is the reason why i made Divine Rites. Thanks for all Rob !

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Red Star.gif .882 K Frank "Oz" Mills' liner notes from the New Christs CD "Born Out of Time"
Red Star.gif .882 K Rob's bio for the Woe Betide release
Red Star.gif .882 K The Other Side : Abus Dangereux #U - April 91- French
Red Star.gif .882 K The Other Side : La herencia de los munster - Spanish
Red Star.gif .882 K Dec 13th : The New Christs by Steve Gardner - Noise For Heroes - 1991 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K The New Christs : BOB #26 - August 88 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K New Christs : Abus dangereux #N - French
Red Star.gif .882 K Rob Younger : Nineteen #19 - French
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