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Rob Younger as a producer


Angie Pepper Band     Frozen world / Why tell me ?                     1983  Citadel  CIT005
Barbarellas           Forget About You / Dying Inside                  1990  Citadel  CIT050
Conspirators          Expressway To Your Brain                         1985  Vi-Nil VR007
Died Pretty           Out of the unknown/World without                 1984  Citadel  CIT007
Died Pretty           Mirror blues I / Mirror blues II                 1984  Citadel  CIT010
Died Pretty           Stoneage Cinderella / Yesterday's Letters        1986  Citadel  CIT020
Died Pretty           Winterland / Wig out (acoustic)                  1987  Citadel  CIT035
Died Pretty           Towers Of Strength / From A Buick 6              1988  Blue Mosque  K563
Died Pretty           Everybody Moves / In Love Prison                 1989  Blue Mosque  K780
Dubrovniks            Fireball of love / If I had a gun                1988  Citadel  CIT036
Eastern Dark          Julie is a junkie / Johnny and Dee Dee           1985  Waterfront DAMP20
Fixed Up              One night stand / Purple flashes                 1987  Citadel  CIT029
Hard-Ons              The Girl In The Sweater/I heard her call my name 1986  WaterfrontDamp 27
Huxton Creepers       The Murderess/Happy Days                         1985  Big Time BTS1455
Jaded Cravings        ??                                               1990  ??
Lime Spiders          25th Hour                                        1983  Green BTS972
Lime Spiders          Out Of Control / Save My Soul                    1985  Citadel CIT015
Melting Skycrapers    Strange Device/Beyond The Grave                  1985  Waterfront DAMP17
Minuteman             Voodoo slaves / I wanna be your minuteman        1982  Citadel  CIT001
New Christs           Like a curse / Sun God                           1984  Citadel  BTS1218
New Christs           Heading south / I saw god                        1988  Citadel  CIT039
Plunderers            I don't mind / Dying                             1988  Green fez FEZ006
Porcelain Bus         Indignation / My family                          1986  Citadel  CIT021
Psychotic Turnbuckles Psychotic situation / The crusher                1985  Vi-nil VR009
Sons of Guns          Wild Wild Girl/Don't Turn Back                   1986  Crash CHS701
Stems                 Tears me in two / Can't resist                   1985  Citadel  CIT013
Super K               Recurring nightmare / Go Go (as Ayatollah Smith) 1985  Citadel  CIT016
Tellers               One brick at a time                              1992  ??
The Slaters           Cristal Girl                                     1990  Waterfront Crystal CRY-001
Wet Taxis             Sailor's dream / Ambulance ride                  1987  Citadel  CIT028
White Cross           Don't Break My Hearts/Lonely Man                 1988  Mighty Boys MB20117

Mini LP

Barbarellas           Quit Slylarking                                  1991  Citadel 
Barbarellas           Fringe                                           1991  Citadel  CITEP906
Bits of Kids          Taste This!                                       1989 Revolution REVLP011
Club Hoy              Walk away                                        1992  Regular
Died Pretty           Next to nothing                                  1985  Citadel  CITEP901
Died Pretty           Good at Love                                     1995  Columbia  662520.2
Fixed Up              Vital Hours                                      1987  Citadel  CITLP507
                                                                       1987  Closer CL0069
Horny Toads           Wired                                            1989  Amplexus
Lime Spiders          Slave Girl                                       1985  Big Time (USA) BTA-002
Plunderers            Home movie                                       1992  Citadel 
Psychotic Turnbuckles Destroy Dull City                                1986  Rattlesnake 1201
Stems                 Love will grow                                   1986  Citadel  CITEP903
Toys Went Bersek      have no more                                     1989  Aberrant MX303084
Trilobites            Lost generation                                  1992  Citadel  CITLP525


Asylum                Home sweet home                                  1988  Waterfront DAMP86
Celibate Rifles       Heaven on a stick                                1992  Festival D30736
City Kids             The name of the game (Limited Edition 500)       1983  City kids records CIK001
City Kids             City Kids                                        1984  Closer CL0028
City Kids             The orphans parade                               1986  Musidisc MU221
Died Pretty           Free Dirt                                        1986  Citadel  CITLP504
Died Pretty           Lost                                             1988  Blue mosque L38924
Died Pretty           Sold                                             1995  Columbia 481668.2
Fixed Up              Vital Hours                                      1987  Citadel  CITLP507
                                                                       1987  Closer CL0069
Happy hate Me Nots    Out                                              1988  Waterfront DAMP73
Happy hate Me Nots    A Place To Live                                  1992  Waterfront DAMP73
Joeys                 In the pouch                                     1987  Bigtime BT7077
Meera Atkinson        This is the planet                               1987  Citadel  CITLP505
Mutated Noddys        S/Titles                                         1990  Rattlesnake
New Christs           Distemper                                        1989  Citadel  CITLP807
                                                                       1989  Closer CIT006 / RE405
New Christs           Woe betide (as Ayatollah Smith)                  1995  Citadel  CITCD603
New Race              First and last                                   1982  Trafalgar 229255960-2
Playmates             Long sweet dreams                                1986  What goes on GOESON3
Plunderers            Sarah's not falling in love                      1990  Citadel  CITEP201
Plunderers            Banana smoothie honey                            1992  Citadel  CITCD527
Screaming Tribesmen   Got You On My Mind                               1992  Survival SUR527CD
Screaming Tribesmen   Formaldehyde                                     1993  Survival SUR527CD
Thrust                Mindless                                         1989  Waterfront
Toys Went Bersek      The smiler with a knife                          1989  Aberrant 1SMILER
The Visitors          (only 1 song : Disperse) The Visitors            1985  Citadel  CITLP502

Unreleased Tracks

Fixed Up              Bordeline Case (on No More LP)                   1988  Closer CLO0093
Stems                 She's fine (on Buds)                             1986  Citadel CITCD512

Thanks to Chris Spencer's "Who's who of Australian Rock", whom this list owes some of its infos. Thanks to Federico Guglielmi for his contribution.

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