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New Race
nr_phot1.jpg 7.839 K


  • Rob Younger - vocals
  • Deniz Tek - guitar
  • Ron Asheton - guitar
  • Warwick Gilbert - bass
  • Dennis Thompson - drums, vocals


The First And The Last(1982)

The first and last The first and last Remaster

The First To Pay(1990)

p_f2pay.jpg 7.413 K

Second Wave(1991)

Second Wave


Crying Sun / Gotta Keep Movin' - 7" (1983)

Crying Sun.jpg 6.552 K
Produced by Charles Fischer, Alan Thorne & Rob Younger.
Reference : Citadel - CIT002

Hail Columbia / Descent Into The Maelstrom - 7" (1990)

Hail Columbia.jpg 7.427 K
Reference : Revenge - SS4 - Limited Edition of 1000 copies colour vinyl


Red Star.gif .882 K Birdmen enter the New Race by Stuart Coupe - Sun Herald, 1982 - English
Red Star.gif .882 K Radio Birdman flies again by Nicholas Rothwell - The Australian newspaper, April 21, 1981 - English
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