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If I say to you : Minuteman, New Race, Deniz Tek, Screaming Tribesmen, Angie Pepper, New Christs, Died Pretty, Lime Spiders, one answer is "the finest of 80's Australian sound". The other answer is "first eight singles from Citadel Records" !
Citadel Records is owned by John Needham. In the early eighties he played in the band Minuteman and created the label. Throughout that decade he brought local and international attention to a diverse range of independent music unacceptable to the Australian mainstream. Apparently he's presently in the process of reactivating the label with a new series of European distribution deals being set in place and some insane notion of the doing the same in North America!
Citadel's discography is one of the finest who's who of Australian independent music. Many of these records are classics and are now collector's items. They still influence many bands across the world. Citadel continues to exist fuelled by strong coffee and a desire to be completely non aligned, free of corporate ethos and music business interference.

These Citadel pages are dedicated to this great label.

What's New ?

CITADEL has now his OFFICIAL WEB SITE at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~citadel/
Man spricht Deutsch: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~citadel/deutsch/index.html
The latest Kim Salmon & The Surrealists is available thru Citadel. "Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing" (CIT541) is the best 1998 production without any doubt. A limited edition with a 5 tracks bonus CD is available thru Citadel Mail Order.
DM3, Perth power pop three piece have a new CD "Rippled Soul" (CIT542). Nothing more to be told !
Their new EP "Lure" (CIT058) offer a acoustic version of "Jumping To Conclusions"
They also have an album of b-sides, live takes and out-takes titled Garage Sale (CIT533) on Citadel
The latest Wayne Connolly's Knievel CD "Steep Hill Climb" (CIT540) is now available in digipack. Great production and pure pop.
Equinox (CIT537) is the new Deniz Tek solo album. It is as different from the recent Le Bonne Route as that was from it's predecessors, Outside and Vertical. An album that continues a tradition of departure from past works, it is wide ranging in scope, delving into a strange world of surreal vignettes and soundscapes interspersed with many variations on Deniz' signature hard rock offerings.
The new Died Pretty album "Using My Gills As A Roadmap" (CIT536) is available thru Citadel Mail Order. Have a look at the first review !
The New Christs new album is titled "Lower Yourself" (CIT535). A special double CD with a 4 tracks bonus ep is available from the Citadel Mail Order.
Radio Birdman live album Ritualism is now available world-wide in jewel case.
CITADEL MAIL ORDER SERVICE can provide you with a copy of the Ritualism A5 limited edition.

Citadel Records
PO Box 316 Darlinghurst
N.S.W. Australia 2010

phone: (02) 9319 6565
Fax : (02) 9698 4874
E-Mail : citadel@ozemail.com.au

Web : http://www.citadel-records.com
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